The Mission

The surroundings we spend time in can have significant effects on our emotions and overall well-being. The goal of chilluxx is to empower you the the individual to make the ideal environment for any living area. With our unique and ever-changing product selection, you can create your own set and setting with a personalized intention. Create your sanctuary to invoke happiness, comfort, meditation, motivation, etc., the possibilities are endless.

How To

When creating a personalized space, first figure out the intention you want that area to reflect. For example, when decorating an office you may want to invoke productivity, motivation, and focus. Specific decor, art, and scents are tools which can induce those feelings. Decor and art can be a source of symbolism while focal points, colors, and scents are backed by science to prove their positive effects.

About Us

Chilluxx is a small start up company based in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in print-on-demand and dropshipping products. This means we network with artists to print products when ordered. Dropshipping means we source and ship our products straight from the suppliers around the world. Personally, I started this company when I redesigned my room with Mayan decorations after a trip to Tulum, Mexico. That is when I realized how important the power of change can be. Finding yourself and creating your environment changes reality. I want everyone to find that power and I hope this website does just that.